Saturday, April 12, 2008

2008 Sepang Drag Battle Round 1

Results Round 1

Class A – Open (11 entries)
(Turbocharged and supercharged allowed; Nitrous Oxide system allowed)

First Dixon Chen Teck Sun (Mitsubishi Evo IV)
Second Lai Wee Sing (Mitsubishi Evo 3)
Third Mohd Azlan Malik (Proton Satria GTI)
Fourth Suhairi Ibrahim (Proton Wira)

Class B – 2WD Forced Induction (46 entries)
(Only one power adder allowed; 2WD vehicles only)

First Jamsari Jahya (Nissan)
Second Md Mazlan Scully (Mazda)
Third Mohd Syuri (Proton Satria)
Fourth Wong Woon Hong (Nissan)

Class C – 2WD Normally Aspirated (9 entries)
(only naturally aspirated engines allowed; NOS system probihited)

First Mohd Maziz Abdullah (Honda)
Second Kaharizul Kosnim (Honda)
Third Gan Tiam Leng (Honda)
Fourth Tay Lim Han (Honda)

Class D – 2WD Limited (4 entries)
(engines 1600cc and below; only naturally aspirated engines; NOS system probihited)

Cancelled after discussion with all four competitors.

Class E – K-Car (21 entries)
(Engines 1000cc and below; turbo-charged & supercharged engines allowed; NOS probihited)

First Mohd Amiri Naaem (Perodua Kancil)
Second Mohd Noor Abd Rahman (Perodua Kancil)
Third Azery Mohd Norzali (Perodua Kancil)
Fourth Thang Chee Kiong (Perodua Kelisa)

Class F – Avantech On The Road Class (65 entries)
(Engines 2000cc and below: turbocharged/supercharged probihited; variable valve engine allowed; NOS probihited; cars must be road legal)

V-Tec Category
First Suhaimi Hamid (Honda Civic)
Second Mohd Zain Ahmad (Honda Civic)
Third Baharudin Shah Borhan (Honda Civic)
Fourth Ramesh Subramaniam (Honda Civic)

Non V-Tec Category
First Ahmad Nizam Ibrahim
Second Mohd Razlan Izham
Third Zambri Mohd Noh
Fourth Muhammad Hairis Yusof

Class G – Campro (16 entries)
(Campro Naturally Aspirated engines; up to 1601cc; suspension, brake system; engine management; gearbox & ratio free)

First Mark Darwin
Second Ahmad Firdaus Azman
Third Nor Azam
Fourth Mohamad Shahrizal

Race Schedule – Race Starts 2100hrs

Round 1 Sepang Circuit 5 April 2008
Round 2 Sepang Circuit 31 May 2008
Round 3 Sepang Circuit 16 August 2008
Round 4 Sepang Circuit 25 October 2008
Round 5 Sepang Circuit 15 November 2008

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