Saturday, May 24, 2008


I found it last couple of day at & I read the article about it.

"SnapBomb - Get paid to blog? And I completely forgot to update you on how it went…

I got paid by them (over 100 dollars) last week actually! Since they only will pay you 60 days from the time you created your post, a lot of us got suspicious. And after 60 days, you probably forgot about the post/s you have written, like me. So no wonder I got surprised when I got an email from PayPal!

I haven’t logged in since I was done with the posts so I don’t know if there are any opportunities to take, and it seems like the site is down for maintenance at the moment so I can’t check."

It’s made me interested to know more about it. So I read about it and I happy with it. So I signed up with Snap bomb.

Here the link

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